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Birth Skills

Fit-4-2 Physiotherapy have a range of Face to face Workshops and webinars to help you prepare for and recover form Childbirth.

pregnancy physio


We’re here to help you prevent, manage , reduce and treat musculoskeletal and pelvic floor conditions that are common during the perinatal period.


Pilates is a wonderful way to strengthen your body in preparation for birth. Postpartum pilates rehabilitates by strengthening your body from the inside out.

Physio for pregnancy and postpartum conditions

During Pregnancy, birth and postnatally the female body undergoes significant changes which can lead to musculoskeletal discomforts as well as pelvic floor problems.

Although these problems are common they are not normal and can be treated and managed with Physiotherapy.

We are here to support you throughout your journey into motherhood. We will guide you through your recovery from a vaginal or Caesarean birth, by rehabilitating your body to help you achieve your lifestyle and exercise goals with a combination of physiotherapy, Pilates, exercise and advice.

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We reopen tomorrow Monday 10 January.
This will be the 2022 Timetable, which is subject to change, so watch this space.

Pregnancy mat classes remain Tuesday 5.15pm and Saturday 8.30 am.
Postnatal rehab pilates has moved to Friday at 10.15 am.

Studio classes are suitable for pregnant and postpartum women as they are small group and tailored to your specific needs.
Booking is required for all classes.
Bookings via text 0415 871 043

Due to the current Covid 19 wave, we will continue to offer classes via Zoom for those who prefer to or need to stay home.

At this stage we are teaching in the studio using our Covid safe plan.

We look forward to getting back into the routine and seeing you all soon x

Due to the current lockdown in Newcastle NSW we are unable to hold group classes in the studio.
So this week I will be running the pregnancy class online via zoom on Saturday morning and Tuesday evening.
If you would like the zoom link please email me at info@pilatesforlife.com.au, or text 0415871043 or send a DM.
Fingers crossed we will be allowed to reopen for face-to-face classes on Friday the 13th.
Enjoy the week at home and stay safe.
physiotherapy is considered an essential service so if you need an appointment please reach out.

To comply with current Covid restrictions masks must now be worn to all classes and appointments 😞
Thank you 🙏🏽

Wishing all of our Clients a lovely Easter 🐣 🐰.
I will be taking a break during the first week of the school holidays, I will be back teaching classes and seeing patients from Friday 9 April.

Getting my stats brain 🧠 on this weekend with Women’s health training associates .
Birth Choices course.
Looking at the research and stats to help women make more informed choices about birth.

I have just written an article for @newcastle_baby magazine about the postpartum physio check up, great to see the message is getting out there
Posted @withregram @birthtrauma.org.au When you attend your women’s health Physio appointments it is about YOU!
YOU and your birth
YOU and your body
YOU and your mental health
YOU and your goals

These are sessions that you deserve to discuss your birth, body, goals and ask any questions you may have.

Based on your body and your goals, this session may involve:
- an internal vaginal examination to assess your pelvic floor and healing. This can also determine your risk for return to exercise, strategies to assist in return to sex, and ways to maximise your pelvic health. We may do this in lying and/or in standing based on your symptoms and goals!

- ultrasound examination of your abdominal wall, core and pelvic floor to assist in understanding your tummy muscles. This can be especially important for women with abdominal separation who want to learn to use their core, determine the exact distance of separation and ability to control the separation. It also teaches strategies to assist in tensioning the gap.

- musculoskeletal examination of your muscle strength and mobility to assist in pain relief and return to exercise. This can be helpful for women who suffer from hip or back pain, breastfeeding aches and pains, or tailbone discomfort following birth.

Exercise assessment and prescription to assist in return to exercise/sport, or strategies to strengthen the body

All women deserve this assessment- not to feel forced into having further appointments or to raise concern about your pelvic floor or abdominal wall, but to be given information and options! It is your body and you get to decide what to do with it once you have the information- as long as you get the information in the first place!

There is still time to sign the change.org petition calling for Medicare subsidised physiotherapy for postpartum

First day of school / Last day of school
They don’t stay babies long.

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